School Management

BASIS Curriculum Schools focus on cultivating expert teachers by hiring individuals who possess deep knowledge in the discipline they teach, providing them with a large degree of autonomy in determining how to best achieve student learning gains, and holding them accountable for their results.

School Managers

Head of School Mark Starbuck
Dr. Mark Starbuck
Head of School

Dr. Mark Starbuck is a seasoned head of academic programs with 25 years' teaching and leadership experience. Dr. Starbuck holds a Doctorate in Sociology/Behavioral Economics (Oxford University), an MA in Educational Leadership and Management (Nottingham University), an MSc in Sports Management (Leicester University), an MSc in Sociology (Oxford University), a BA (Honors) in Sports Science (Kent University), and a PGCE (London University, Institute of Education).


Head of Operations Dr. Wendy Ren
Dr. Wendy Ren, PhD
Head of Operations

Dr. Wendy Ren obtained a Bachelor of Medicine (BS Med) with a dual degree in economics from Peking University, earning several awards and scholarships. She subsequently received her Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in Biomedical Sciences from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a full fellowship, and published six papers on international academic journals during her PhD career.