Grades 8-12 Overview

Prepared for college and beyond.

The BASIS Curriculum for grades 8-12 is widely recognized as one of the most academically advanced high school programs in the world. BASIS Curriculum Schools challenge students to reach the highest international benchmarks, and hold students accountable for mastering subject material. The BASIS Curriculum instills in students a sense of responsibility for their own education. As they progress through the program, their confidence increases in conjunction with their ability to master complex tasks: our students thrive when challenged.

BASIS Diploma graduates are distinguished individuals who have completed a rigorous, accelerated college preparatory course of study, including a full year of economics in grade 8, a plethora of AP courses (most of which are taken in and before grade 10), a comprehensive College Counseling course, and Post-AP Capstone courses such as Number Theory, Organic Chemistry, and Philosophy, to name a few.

The accelerated curriculum allows BASIS Curriculum students the option of graduating after grade 11; however, most students choose to continue their studies in grade 12. The senior year at BASIS Curriculum Schools is a unique opportunity to do advanced work and students consistently report that the senior year has a profound impact on their post-secondary education and career plans. All seniors take an interactive College Counseling workshop. Qualified seniors may complete the AP Capstone program or take BASIS Capstone courses, which are comparable to 200 and 300 level college courses, for two trimesters. In the last trimester, these students may conduct an intensive, off-campus research project related to their academic or career goals.