Capstone Courses and Senior Projects

The BASIS Curriculum’s Senior Projects are a point of pride for students, teachers, parents and staff at our schools, and one of the most unique aspects of the BASIS Curriculum. Senior Projects offer an opportunity for our high-performing students to demonstrate the knowledge and research skills they have developed over their journey through out curriculum, in a subject area about which they are passionate. Students who successfully complete a Senior Project earn a distinction of High Honors on their diploma.

Capstone Courses

Our advanced curriculum enables our students to go above and beyond what is traditionally offered in most American schools. 12th grade Capstone courses transition students from student-centered learning to independent learning. Capstone students study subjects like Category Theory, Organic Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics, Differential Equations, Literary Theory, Game Theory and Political Philosophy.

These courses delve deeply into advanced material and are roughly equivalent to upper-level college courses. The result is that our students enter the nation’s most prestigious universities and colleges prepared to excel in at least intermediate-level college work.

The Senior Projects

The BASIS Curriculum cultivates students who are highly engaged, inquisitive and autonomous learners. The Senior Project is the culmination of the BASIS Global high school experience. After three and a half years of intensive academic college preparation, our seniors are ready to spend the last trimester of their high school careers applying what they have learned in previous years to an independent project that allows them to explore their individual path of learning, their passion and their potential future course of study.

Students embark on a mentor-guided program of academic inquiry with limitless possibilities. Senior Projects vary from internships to experimental research at university-level research labs to field work abroad.