The BASIS Mission

The mission of the BASIS International School Nanjing is to provide our students with a transformative early childhood and K – 12 education. With the cutting-edge BASIS Curriculum, through exceptional teaching and faculty mentoring, we produce graduates who have the broad intellectual and international perspectives, critical thinking capabilities, and creative problem-solving skills to be leaders in their future world.

We promise to you that at BASIS International School Nanjing, your child will face extraordinary challenges and grow accustomed to our unwavering support as each challenge is mastered and the next one is faced.

BASIS students in science class
  • We believe the classroom is sacrosanct and student-teacher interaction is the essential educational activity.
  • We believe in a rigorous, accelerated curriculum, student accountability at all levels, and teachers who are experts in their subject matter and passionate about teaching it.
  • We believe in instilling in our students a life-long desire to learn.
  • We hire great teachers who love challenging students, have deep content knowledge and a passion for what they teach.
  • We raise the bar to the highest global standards, so our students will rise to meet the challenges inside, and outside, of the classroom.
  • We break down the hard sciences to their essential elements in middle school: chemistry, physics, and biology.
  • We recognize that a thorough knowledge of grammar is necessary for good writing and that writing is perhaps the most vital of the basics, regardless of what a student prefers to study. We also believe that it is an essential element in the development of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • We light a fire in the mind, heart, and soul of every student, helping them create their own path of learning so that they can succeed in college and make their mark as an adult.
  • A curriculum that is accelerated and rigorous
  • Students who care and are accountable
  • Teachers who are knowledgeable and passionate
  • We recruit faculty who are experts in their disciplines and asks them to do nothing but teach the students in their care.
  • We recruit managers who are passionate, empathetic, and who wish to serve.
  • Our teachers always support their students. If a student is willing to work, his or her academic team will be by their side, shoulder-to-shoulder.