BASIS International School Nanjing

Locally rooted, globally connected.

International Benchmarking

If BASIS Curriculum Schools were a nation, it would outscore all other countries in terms of student performance in math, reading, and science.

Advanced Placement Success

The BASIS Curriculum involves students taking a minimum of seven AP courses and at least six AP exams during their high school tenure.

Awards & Distinctions

Throughout their high school careers, BASIS Curriculum School graduates earn impressive awards and distinctions based on their academic achievements.

Admissions Information

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Preparing students for the 21st century world

BASIS International Schools are a part of the worldwide BASIS Curriculum Schools network of schools. For our students, this means they learn in an environment that is a portal to the world. In our classrooms, students are able to collaborate with their BASIS Curriculum peers across the United States and China to solve problems, to create and share new ideas, and to understand the world and how to change and leave their mark upon it.

Three BASIS students working on a laptop


of all graduates accepted to college


Avg. OECD Math Score
(102 points above B-S-J-G (China))


Avg. OECD Science Score
(82 points above B-S-J-G (China))


Avg. OECD Reading Score
(101 points above B-S-J-G (China))

BASIS International School Nanjing Opening Ceremony